The Southern Oncology Association of Practices (SOAP) was formed in June of 1998 to address the changing needs of medical oncologists in private practice. As of July 2013, SOAP member practices come from 17 states including Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida , Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Texas.

The goals of SOAP are founded in education, group purchasing and networking. We strive to establish a network for sharing information on issues particular to the field of medical oncology and to collectively negotiate with wholesalers and pharmaceutical companies for more competitive pricing. By working towards these goals, it is the intent of SOAP to enable oncology practices to remain independent.

For our members, some of what SOAP provides includes:

  • Educational Meetings: Spring and Fall.  Topics are usually business related with some clinical topics.

  • soaponline.org: There is a Members Only side of the website that you have to sign into…..it provides News, Meeting Info, SOAP Forms (Reimbursement, Membership Renewal, etc.), listing of SOAP members and their contact info (allows for easier networking), FAQs, Discussion Q & A, Resources, Contract Info, Bylaws (current), and Business Meeting Minutes. More of this information is now being shared via monthly SOAPBox Newsletter.

Please click on our Membership Info Process to walk you through becoming a SOAP Member:

Membership Paperwork Info Process for Prospective Member 4-2013

Initially, you will need to complete the confidentiality agreement (should you like to see pricing). Please complete the confidentiality agreement and return it to our ED via fax, email or mail. Due to the confidential nature of the drug pricing, the completed confidentiality agreement must be in hand before any info may be shared.

Confidentiality Agreement for Prospective Members 2-2009
Membership Agreement 4-2014
Compliance Rule Revised 2-2009a
soaponline.org Registration Form 3-2009

Please contact our Executive Director, Jeannie VanderKruik, through the contact page of the website.

Jeannie VanderKruik, BA, RN, BSN, OCN®, NE-BC
Executive Director, SOAP